It’s Good To Be Home

Welil_430xN.79584553l, I’m not too sure whether this will be the last post of this blog or if I will keep going… maybe I will start up another blog to keep going, because over the last ten months, I’ve enjoyed writing this blog as I am hoping you enjoyed reading it.

As I am sure you can guess; I am now home in Sydney. I arrived yesterday morning and was back home with my family about three hours after touching down at Sydney International Airport. You have gotta love these new e-passports, I was off the plane and at the baggage carousel within about 30 minutes and breezed through security and immigration. It was nice to come home and see my family, get caught up on everything that has happened over the last ten months.

They always say that life moves on while you are away and that is certainly the case. I’m getting use to fitting back into the system that is the family, getting use to new routines; but most importantly, getting use to being back where the journey all began.

I think back to that time, almost a year ago when I said goodbye to this house, as I wasn’t sure when I would see it again. I said goodbye to my old life, the adventure that I had been on for that part of my life and I said hello to the new adventure and I have said to before, but I will say it again (and not to pad out this blog) but the chapter of my life in the United Kingdom might be over, but there is a new adventure coming. I’m looking forward to spending some time catching up with friends and family, most importantly my loving girlfriend, and then getting back into work. I’ve already applied for about 9 different full-time positions that start next year and there will hopefully be some casual work when I send out my updated resume this week.

I do hope that this won’t be the end of my blogging, but maybe the start of a new blog. I’ll keep this blog online as a reminder and a portal into the most amazing adventure that I could have ever imagined having. I will never forget what I learnt, experienced and lived while I was over in the United Kingdom, because it is a part of who I am now and that is something more than pictures can ever show me.

Almost Time

I know things have been quiet here since I made the choice and the decision to head home, but the good news is that the flight is all paid for, the train is paid for and all I have to do is pack everything up and ready myself to head home.

It has come up somewhat quick, it has been four weeks since I resigned my job and now its only 4 days until I head to Heathrow to fly home (yes, I’m counting Monday as a whole day since it is only 7:33am). I know that Thursday is mostly filled with travelling on trains and sitting at the airport, but it is still something that I have to do.airbus_a380_qantas_australia_taxiing_on_runway_334124_aircraft-wallpaper

I know that the next couple of days will be spent packing and sending the last little things home that I can’t fit into my suitcases, but it will be all worth it in that over the last four weeks, I have been sending things home already, so hoping that they arrive sometime soon. There are things that aren’t going home, and its simply because as my dad put it… can you live without them on a deserted island, and the answer was Yes… so here they will stay, but the silver lining behind it is that they will all be going to charity so that someone else can have them.

It has been a world wind couple of days, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my time here in the United Kingdom, and I am happy with everything that I have done. I achieved something that I never thought I would ever do, but this time also showed me a lot more, but the most important thing that I learnt is that when I put my mind to something, I can achieve it.

I think that is something that I will never forget.

I know that is is all coming to an end, but I am happy, sad, excited, nervous… a range of emotions. I felt like this when I was in the final days of the chapter of my life in Australia, so I guess that I know that everything will be alright. I’m happy that it is finally happening, sad that I am leaving this part of my life, excited for what is going to happen next, nervous about what to expect when I come home. I remember reading that when you go overseas for a long period of time that life back home goes on, so I just don’t know what to expect when I get home. What has changed, what hasn’t changed, what has gone on that I’ve missed out on, what’s new that I have to get use to. I just don’t know…

… but that is all part of the adventure! See you soon Sydney

T-minus 3 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes

Coming To An End

Coming-Home-TitleI’m on my way, I promise you that I won’t be long
I just called, called you to say
I’ve missed every little moment without you
And I can’t wait for us to be alone
I’m almost in your arms, I’m coming home
I’m coming home

I thought it might be the best time to put it here, since everyone really knows; so what’s the point with not telling those who have nicely kept stuck to the blog over the last year, however, as I have said many times before; my work has gotten in the way again, however, this was the time when I made the hard choice.

I decided that I was not fully myself over the last few weeks, since school returned… working 12 hours straight at work, and then up to 4 hours at home… five to six hours sleep each night and then working on the weekends with all the ongoing planning and assessment as well as finding every little resource that I need for even the simplest lessons, it was just a bit too much for me at this moment so I made the choice to leave a workplace that I had so much fun being in.

I made that choice, along with the choice to head back home to Australia.

I know the decision is about 7 months ahead of what I had originally planned, but you want to know the bigger thing than having to go home… it’s the fact that no matter what anybody tells me, I followed my dream, I followed it to the United Kingdom and I did what I set out to do and that was to teach in a different country. I achieved my dream. This adventure was never about the travelling, or finding people previously in my life…

It was all about my dream of one day becoming a principal, because that is what I want out of my teaching career.

I am proud of everything that I have done over here in the last ten months, I am proud of what I set out to do almost 18 months ago, I am proud that I have done it, and nothing will ever let me forget what an amazing time I had here. I’ve met some amazing teachers, and made some even more amazing friends, some of whom I will never forget for the rest of my life.

The adventure might be coming to an end, but its just the end of this chapter of the adventure. The adventure in the United Kingdom might be coming to a close, but the adventure that is my life is certainly not ending; there is another page to that, there is another path that will lead me on another adventure. Be what it may, I look forward to whatever the next stage might bring.

I do want to say that I would not have been able to do this without the loving support of my friends and especially my family; they are the strength that gets me through the tough times, but there is one person who I know I would not have been able to get through these ten months without and that is my loving girlfriend, someone who is my rock, my confidant and my best friend no matter what.

This adventure has been for them… this experience has been for them as much as it has been for me.

I want to finish this post with a song, its from Kenny G, who many people know, I absolutely love listening to, simply because it is just him playing the saxophone. It’s called “Home”. I think it just says what I feel without saying a single word… have a listen (and sorry, its from youtube… WordPress won’t let me upload the song from my iTunes account)

I’m Back!

Just a quick one, since I know some people might be waiting for the next stages of Round 1 of the 2015/16 Random 15 Championship as well as my preview of this weekend’s football games in the Premier League.

For those unaware, the kids came back to school this week so it has been four very busy and interesting days and to top all of that off; I have had a bit of a bad cough and a sore throat for some reason, so I have been completely drained of energy over the last week and I just haven’t done a lot of things, which does include this blog.

I am back to 100% health now, it’s the weekend so I will get posts out from the R15 championship as well as my premier league team

Here We Go!

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 20.26.29Once the envelope was drawn, we quickly read the list and saw that both Barnes and Kew Gardens were on the list, so the three of us (and a few others) all took the run to Platform 5/6, since we also knew that with the rugby going on, that trains in that direction would be packed, so it was best to get it out of the way now; and then hope for the best. With a six hour time frame for the whole challenge, we knew we had a bit of time to spare if we had to make changes mid-challenge. That being said; as the fast train arrived, we tried very hard to cram in. It was quite interesting, but nothing like what it was in Sydney during rush hour. It wouldn’t have helped with the slow train also being packed.

We got to Barnes, knowing that the next stop was Richmond and our first change to get to Kew Gardens, and with Andrew and I together with Steve somewhere else (we thought he would be on the slow train, but in fact; he was a couple of carriages away), we made our way and just hoped that the doors just behind me would be on the platform, and it would be easier to get out and lucky enough; that is just what happened. We alighted, said thanks to the rugby fans who got out to let us out and then made our way over to the Underground/Overground platforms for the trip to Kew Gardens. We all got to Kew Gardens and then made the mad dash to to the other platforms to wait around for a trip back. That was interesting since there was a few of us still all together. The next part was just a simple double-back to Clapham Junction before all the fun would happen.